Go Bananas Over These Boastful Banana Benefits

Most of the time while eating any fruit a train of thoughts starts moving in our minds. Why are we eating this fruit? What is the importance of eating fruits? What are its benefits and side effects? Etc. Like all others, the same happens in case of Banana too.

amazing banana benefits

Well, we are here to help you out with this. In this article about banana benefits we are going to discuss all banana facts and trivia, so that next time when you eat this super fruit you appreciate for what’s going inside.

History of Banana

People from all around the globe have been eating bananas for thousands of years. In fact, they are the most popular and iconic fruit which can be found in more than 100 countries. But have you ever wondered from where it got emerged? Well, the answer is quite complicated. But we have managed to solve this puzzle. And, the answer is Southeast Asia. People of South East Asia are known to initiate banana domestication for the first time. Further, the fruit thrived in Africa.

According to research, it has been found that initially the historic banana was not actually a fruit but an herb, with lots of seeds and a little flesh. Also, it was not yellow in color. Actually, this contradictory fruit is said to be a distant relative of the ginger family, but, lies in the category of berries. Its scientific name is Musa Sapientum.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous varieties of bananas, each with a different a provenance. It is believed that there are more than 1000 types of bananas present in this world which are further subdivided into groups. Gros Michel was one of them (bygone banana). This variety was much tastier than the one we get nowadays but unfortunately is extinct now. The most popular one is Cavendish Banana which is yellow in color, sweet in taste and curvy in shape. This variety of bananas is the most common one and can be found in every grocery store.

5 Amazing Facts About Banana You Never Knew Before

1. Banana as a National fruit: Banana is the national fruit of Central African Republic. The country produces nearly 115,000 tons of bananas every year. Here, the fruit is grown in abundance and is the major source of agriculture, for the same reason it is declared as the national fruit of Central African Republic.

2. Banana in the Holy Quran: Islam has a different and unique perspective towards banana. In Islam, this super fruit is considered as the food of paradise. It is the most renowned fruit mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is quoted as a blessing and is essentially consumed in the month of Ramadan. All the potent ingredients present in this super fruit helps provide a quick and stable source of direct energy to people fasting during Ramadan.

3. The buoyancy of Banana: Buoyancy of banana in water is the same as that of apples which means they can float in water easily. Though, after peeling and cutting it into pieces, the results may vary. Some part of it might sink in.

4. Banana Tree: A cluster of bananas is called a hand, and a single banana is called a finger. Each banana hand has about 10 to 20 fingers.

5. Boom of Banana: The fact that we are going to tell you now is surely going to leave you stunned for a moment. Well, you must have heard thousands of times that banana is an energy boosting fruit. True, but wait for the climax!

Bananas are not only known to reenergize the battery of human body but also they can help with electricity generation. Yes, you heard it right. You can even charge your phone with the help of a banana. All you need is USB cord of your phone and a banana. Plug the correct end of the cord into the phone’s charge connector and the other end into the fruit. Witness the phone getting charge yourself. Moreover, in the future, bananas could be used to run gas engines to produce electricity.

Hope, we left you amazed with our top 5 hidden facts of banana above. But wait! There is a lot more to learn about this incredible fruit. Stay tuned and continue reading the article below to know some astonishing health benefits of Banana.

Top 7 Amazing Banana Benefits

Now we are going to share top seven amazing banana benefits with you. Like, if you start eating a banana daily, then you’ll be able to resist some common diseases like overweight and heart problems etc. In fact, eating a banana daily improves the overall health of your body.

Ok, now let’s start with detailed benefits of eating bananas.

1. Naturally Loaded with Nutrients

Do you know why Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on earth? It is all because of the wide variety of health benefits are associated with this curvy yellow fruit. Bananas are not only high in potassium and pectin but also contain a fair amount of fiber, as well as several antioxidants. Other than this, they also contribute to providing magnesium and vitamins C and B6. Well, this is not just the end. This nutrient-dense fruit has lot more nutrients packed in itself which are still left to be discussed. Why not discuss them in detail?

Well, the list is as follows:

  • One medium-sized banana contains 9% of Potassium
  • One medium-sized banana contains 33% of Vitamin B6
  • One medium-sized banana contains 8% of Magnesium
  • One medium-sized banana contains 10% of Copper
  • One medium-sized banana contains 11% of Vitamin C
  • One medium-sized banana contains 14%of Manganese
  • One medium-sized banana contains 24 grams of Carbohydrates
  • One medium-sized banana contains 3.1 grams of Fiber
  • One medium-sized banana contains 1.3 grams of Protein
  • One medium-sized banana contains 0.4 grams of Fats
  • One medium-sized banana contains 105 Calories

Note: Here, by a medium-sized banana, we mean 118 grams.

Experts say Bananas are a rich source of calcium, protein, potassium, and dietary fiber. Hence, they are considered one of the healthiest options for fruit consumption. Add a banana to your bowl of cereal, oats or muesli to increase the nutrients.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

For a diabetes patient, it becomes necessarily important to take care of the diet and know what to eat and what to avoid. When it comes to banana, there is good news for diabetics, they can eat this fruit! Rather I should say they must eat Banana inadequate amount, for as Banana can help moderate their blood sugar level. This is all because of pectin, a rich-fiber present in Bananas.

Also, it is believed that unripe bananas are a great source of resistant starch, which eventually helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Therefore, it is important to include bananas in an insulin resistance diet. But make sure you consume this fruit in moderation otherwise they may interfere with your blood glucose level.

Experts say Banana contains a high amount of resistance starch, which acts like soluble fiber and helps slows down the digestion. Eventually, this reduces blood sugar spikes and controls overall blood sugar level.

3. Improves Digestive Health

In the modern world we live in, digestion problems like gas, bloating, heartburn, nausea, constipation, and diarrhea are too common. And, one who has it knows very well how hard it is to cope up with them. But there are also some natural remedies present “Gift of God” which can help you solve various digestion problems. The remedy is Banana!

Bananas, as we know contain rich dietary fiber which has a lot of health benefits of its own, including some for the digestive system as well. Banana acts as a natural cleanser for the body. It detoxifies all the free radicals and bacteria present in the body, resulting in a healthy digestive system.

bananas improve digestive health

Undoubtedly, Banana adds great savor to a fruit salad, but along with this it also helps aids digestion. It helps food move through the digestive system smoothly. Moreover, in the case of constipation, banana is considered as a powerful fruit to have.

Experts say Bananas are known to protect against colon cancer as they feed the bacteria present in the intestines. So, load up on fruits like bananas to your diet to restore a healthy digestive function.

4. Bananas May Help with Weight Loss

There is a reason for why bananas can help you release some pounds from your body, and that is Choline. This is a fat-blasting Vitamin B present in Bananas. Foods high in Choline works wonder when included in a zero-belly diet.

Also, Banana can help curb food cravings, as they contain some resistant starch which may reduce your appetite. Having a control over the hunger is the major activity when following a weight loss regime.

bananas helpful in reducing weight

Experts say Bananas are cholesterol free and do not contain any fats. On one side it can help you gain weight and on the other side, it can let you lose also. This strictly depends on the quantity of banana you consume. If your aim is for shedding some weight, eating bananas inadequate amount can help you better, as they have amazing properties which are helpful in reducing weight.

5. Good for Heart Health

Do you know grabbing a Banana daily in the morning can lower the risk of heart attack? Indeed, this breakfast fruit offers long-term benefits for the heart. The Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients present in Banana not only protects you against chronic heart diseases but also regulates your mood and leaves you stress-free.

Here, credit goes to Potassium, a mineral present in Bananas, which is known to work best for heart health, especially blood pressure control. Furthermore, there is a decent amount of magnesium present in Bananas that works well to prevent arteriosclerosis and helps maintain a healthy heart.

Experts say Bananas contain Potassium and Magnesium which have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties that reduce your risk of multiple chronic heart diseases. These compounds help refrain fatty-substances from oxidizing in the blood and clogging the arteries. Hence, include this potent fruit in your diet to shield your heart.

6. Benefits of Banana for Skin Whitening

We all know eating a banana daily is overly beneficial for our overall skin. Irrespective of the skin type, it works for all. But did you ever think that applying banana topically can be also healthy for your skin? Well, it works both ways!

Bananas being an amazing fruit attain infinite incredible properties that help treat various skin problems. Be it dry, moisture-deprived or pigmented skin, bananas efficiently revives your skin and brings back the lost natural-glow of your skin.

Experts say Rich-Antioxidants present in Bananas nourish the skin deeply and improves the skin texture. Furthermore, bananas are loaded with lots of nutrients, vitamins, zinc and amino acids which are perfect substances used to prevent dry skin, breakouts, acne, blemishes, and oily skin.

7. Banana Shields the Kidney

Banana is considered as the best amongst all super fruits that are known to protect against oxidation and so is included in a healthy-kidney diet. Well, this is all because of high fiber content and anti-inflammatory compounds present in a banana that makes it a perfect remedy for people with kidney diseases. Indeed, including this potent fruit in the diet makes an excellent choice for dialysis patients or people with chronic kidney diseases.

Also, by including banana in your diet, you can minimize the chances of formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones are mineral crystallizations caused by an imbalance of nutrients in the urine. Here, Banana helps to bring back that lost stability of nutrients.

bananas protect you from various kidney diseases

Experts say Kidney is a prime detox organ of the body. You need to take care of your kidneys first before aiming for fitness perfection. Now, Banana is considered the best option for cleaning up the kidneys. Vitamins and minerals found in Banana are found to prevent kidney stones and various kidney diseases.

Thought of the day: Banana a day keeps health problems at bay!

So, that was all about banana benefits!!

Finally, in the end, we would like to say thanks to Banana for availing infinite wonderful benefits. If you like this article about Banana Benefits, please share. Do try our hair mask and face masks and let us know the results you got. Your feedback is valuable to us.



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