Top 10 Health Benefits of Beer Where 9th One Is Going to Amaze You



What if I say you must visit a bacchanal buffet every weekend to stay fit, will you believe me?

Well, you must be thinking I am crazy, but am not! Most of you think Beer is an alcoholic beverage which can worsen your liver condition. Well, you’re not the only one! This is the most common misconception people are having in their mind at present. But, the real fact that you may not know is it is actually your friend and not enemy. To prove this, I have come up with an interesting article which will cover 10 prime health benefits of beer.

top 10 health benefits of beer

Beer is something that actually is worth to cheer about!

Do you know a Pint of Beer is more powerful than a glass of fruit smoothie? Yes, it is true! You will be amazed to know that this fizzy tonic contains super nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that can help you achieve fitness goals. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and then dig in on how a beer is made.

Active Ingredients Used in Beer

Not only beer serves a great taste but surprisingly has an array of health-promoting effects too. You are not just drinking beer; you are ingesting lots of proteins into your body. According to the makers, Beer involves a unique blend of ingredients that works positively for health conditions in moderation unless over-consumed. Apart from alcohol content here are some other basic ingredients which make it worth drinking.

1. Water: Beer on a whole is nothing but water. People who are afraid of drinking beer should know that it contains 90% of just water in it. Now, you already know the benefits of water for health so let’s move to the next ingredient.

2. Grains (Barley): Brewing process starts with grains, processed into malt before to be used in beer. Malting is a natural process which is essentially required for beer manufacturing. In this process, barley is soaked in water for few days so that they could germinate and produce necessary content for fermentation.

Malted Barley plays the same role as grapes do in wine. They are praised for adding aroma and flavor to beer ending up with a pleasant sweetness in it.

3. Hops: Hops, a close relative of cannabis is used by brewers to add bitterness in the beer. Scientists call it Humulus Lupulus. It acts as a stabilizing agent and imparts bitter and zesty taste to the beer. Like grains, they equally contribute to the aroma part as well.

4. Yeast: Beer yeast is like the normal yeast we use in our daily life for cooking purpose and is available as granules in single packets. Adding yeast in beer is much like adding fungus to it. This is important. It influences the final touch and gives a unique flavor to the beer. Nonetheless, it helps make beer booze.

5. Sugar: To adjust the bitterness level, you need some sugar to compromise with it. This makes it well qualified for drinking purpose. Otherwise, a back shot is confirmed!

6. CO2: You must have noticed a frothy foam layer on the top of beer content. This bright and bubbly touch given to beer is an icing on the cake. Moreover, Beer when served chilled provides a refreshing sensation to the body along with a unique tingling on the tongue. Here, the credit goes to Carbon Dioxide.

What Percent of Alcohol Is Present in Beer

Last not but the least, alcohol is the key ingredient used in every booze-beer which makes it truly alive. Anyhow if you are a teetotaler, there is good news for you too! You can get nonalcoholic beer beverages as well in the market.

Generally, there are three types of beer available in the market:

  • Zero Alcohol: 0% Alcohol
  • Low Alcohol: 1% – 4% Alcohol
  • Normal Beer: 4% – 6% Alcohol (some may include 10%, but is rare)

Now that you know all about the beer ingredients, read about how they influence a body health, obviously in a positive aspect.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Beer

1. Beer Benefits for Hair

If your wish for smooth, long, plenty hair is just left as a dream, then you should try beer now. This is unbelievable but is true. A beer carries amazing hair nourishing benefits in it. The best part is using beer on hair is an affordable remedy which can be performed anytime anywhere. All you have to do is soak your hair in the drink for few hours and see the magic. Forget about the saloon, shiny and healthy looking hair is waiting for you inside the beer bottle. DIY!!!

Good Effects of Beer on Hair Care

The special components present in beer are highly effective and potent. Not only they are efficient in repairing damage hair but can help increase the volume of hair too. You’ll witness a growth of new thick hair on the scalp after perpetual use. Moreover, if you are facing dandruff issues, then you are on the right track as it treats that too.

Beer Products for Hair Nourishment

However, if you are not in the mood of experimenting drinking beer as a hair product, or you love your beer more than your hair that you can’t waste even a single drop, then we have enough hair products with beer content for you to choose from. You can get a complete hair package of beer available in the market just to make you happy. Get your own Beer Shampoo and Beer Conditioner right now!!!

2. Beer Benefits for Skin

It would not be mistaken if I call it a “beauty drink” instead of beer. A Pint of beer boasts some astonishing beauty benefits that nobody would believe. Starting with its antibacterial properties, we discovered that contents present in beer are not only protective towards the digestive system but also washes away all the infection from the body which is obviously good news for the skin. It triggers acne/ pimples, pigmentation spots by killing off the acne- friendly bacteria from the skin and resist them from further occurrence. Beer is worth drinking if you have a dry or acne-ridden skin.

Another experiment you can do with beer is its topical application. Have you ever tried this? You must!! Undoubtedly, you will end up with a unique charm for sure. A beer carries an abundance of vitamins and nutrients with it like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin and more which works perfectly for repairing dead skin cells and balancing pH level of the skin. Beer is considered as a powerful remedy that fights against skin impurities.

Benefits of Drinking Beer Every Day

It has been examined that a mug of beer daily may make you look smart and sexy enough. Antioxidant properties present in the beer are one of beer’s skin benefits. Not only, it possesses the power to improve your complexion but also un-tan the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. But, if you are worried about the side effects of drinking beer daily then you can try homemade beer facemask for the skin.

3. Beer Benefits for Brain

Is beer really good for the brain? The answer is yes!

Beer, on the whole, contains all natural ingredients that a brain actually needs to feed with. Light to moderate level of beer intake helps in building a protective shield against brain diseases. Beer sharpens your memory and helps you recall a past memory with an eye blink.

top 10 health benefits of beer

#Prefer drinking a glass of beer before taking an exam and you’ll score 100 definitely!!

Benefits of Drinking Beer Daily

Believe it or not, a habit of drinking beer in a daily routine can actually boost your brain power. It prevents signs of Alzheimer and helps you recover from any brain-related disease. It has been already proved in a study that one drink per day can actually reduce your risk of weak mental conditions.

If you’re suffering from any short-term memory loss, beer will be the best tonic for your brain condition.

4. Beer Benefits for Kidney Stones

What could be the cause of formation of crystals in the kidney? It is Dehydration!

As discussed above, beer contains a high level of water content in it, so obviously it could be used for the treatment of kidney stones. Well, this is the most common benefit of drinking beer which everyone is aware of. Even doctors also prescribe beer to their patients suffering from kidney stones.

Is One Mug of Beer a Day Bad for You?

Not at all! Instead, if you have kidney stones, this will act as the best remedy for you. One mug of beer daily can considerably break down your present kidney stone and also lower down the occurrence of having it further. Do you want to know how? Well, the credentials here goes to 90% water present in it plus the Carbon Dioxide which forces the stone to break down into small pieces and clear off space.

How Many Beers in a Day Is Healthy?

It has been scientifically proved that one to two glasses per day for men and one glass per day for women on daily basis for a limited period of time is completely good for health. Don’t get used to it! Binge drinking can worsen your health conditions. Where a small amount of beer can save your kidney, a large amount can even destroy it forever.

How Much ml of Beer Is Good for Health?

Generally, Beer has a plenty of health benefits if its ml is taken into serious consideration. Secondly, the brand of beer you choose. If the alcohol content is least (1% – 3%) 250 ml is okay, but if, the alcohol content is high, reduce the volume to 100ml.

5. Beer Benefits for Diabetes Treatment

Well, in case of diabetes, results vary accordingly, strictly depending on the sugar level. Drinking Beer may cause your Blood sugar to rise or can fall down unexpectedly. The best advice will be to check with your doctor before you consume Beer to see if drinking alcohol is safe for you or not.

Beer is made from cereal grains which is a rich source of carbohydrates. If your blood sugar is low, one drink of beer daily can make it rise up to a balanced level. Keep in mind, the long-term exercise of beer intake can also damage your pancreas causing high blood sugar. Diabetes patients need to be more cautious when it comes to beer.

How Much Beer Consumption Is Good for Health

In case, you have a fluctuating blood sugar, do not prefer beer consumption. If the level of your blood sugar is low, only then it will be a good option for consuming beer and that too within a certain limit.

#10 to 12 ounces will be sufficient

6. Beer Benefits for Cholesterol

Some say Beer increases cholesterol and some recommend beer for reducing cholesterol. Now, this is a dilemma in a nutshell! Don’t worry we will solve this puzzle for you. To start with, we have to recall its ingredients once again. Barley, Hops, and Yeast If I am not wrong? Now compare bread with beer. Hey! Same ingredients! Does bread make you lose your cholesterol or increments it? Case solved!

top 10 health benefits of beer

But actually, there is a minor twist in this story. The content of whole grain in your beer is very little that is just not enough to make you reduce your cholesterol. Sad! But, if you consume it daily, Beer can work wonders for burning out your cholesterol.

What Are the Effects of Drinking Beer Every Night

Take a sip of beer in the night and go for a long walk in the morning; no one can stop you from losing your cholesterol. This is what celebrities do! Stay fit along with lots of fun. Our body is a machine which is in full swing when we are asleep. If you’ll drink beer at the end of the day, it will wash out all the unnecessary content from your body you had during the day. It cleanses your stomach and makes you to pee.

Beer is just a tool for a healthy life, hold it in your hand and happily gain the benefits of fitness.

7. Beer Benefits for Bones

“Beer is the secret of my energy”

Men and women who drink a moderate amount of beer generally have greater bone mass than non-drinkers. This is a proven fact! Beer boasts a high amount of vitamins, nutrients and calcium contents in it. These properties make it fall under the category of energy drinks. According to a study done by researchers of Nutrition and Food Research Institute, subjects who were tested with a regular supply of beer in clinical trials had B6 vitamin in their blood which is perfect for muscles. Also, it was found that high amount of silicon content present in beer helps in building better bones.

Which Beer Is Good for Health in India

If you find an organic beer made of barley, buy it without giving a second thought!

Secondly, Beers which falls under “India Pale Ale” category and “Hopper beers” are considered best for health benefits as they contain a high amount of silicon in it. It provides bone-building power to the body in bulk.

8. Beer Benefits for Eyes

You’re probably thinking how beer could be beneficial for eyes? Instead, you get a blurry vision when you consume more of it. Well, I must tell you consumption of beer in moderation is never bad in every manner. Indeed, Antioxidant properties present in beer can help you reduce your cataract by 50 % which is fairly a good thing to be.

Is Beer Bad for Healthy Eyes or Not?

Not at all! In fact, if you want to overcome your problems of myopia, switch on to beer right now. Moderate drinking of stout beer daily reduces macular degeneration which leads to cataract. So, in order to have a good vision, start drinking beer because it is healthy.

9. Beer Benefits for Cancer Treatment

Beer is a ray of hope for those fighting with deadly diseases like tumor or cancer. This is not a joke. The beer has an amazing secret stored within which is now disclosed by scientists. Millions of people in this world curse this drink for being it the reason for the destruction of many lives but only a few know that it can be bliss to someone whose end is round the corner. It can save the life of a dying person. You must be curious to know how beer helps during cancer treatment and recovery. Well, we are here to discuss this health benefit of beer in detail.

Is Beer Good for Cancer Patients?

According to a research study, conducted at German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, it has been discovered that beer contains a powerful molecule that effectively helps protect against breast and prostate cancers.

Secondly, Antibacterial properties of beer play an important role in cancer treatment as it helps kill the bacteria and its future growth which leads to cancer.

Moreover, Beer is a complete package of nutrients like Proteins, Vitamin-B, Minerals, and Antioxidants which increases the immunity power of body and reduces the risks of cancer.

10. Beer Benefits for Ischemia

Beer a day keeps the doctor away!

That’s true! One bock a day might work well for your heart. Well, this is not my personal statement, but researchers say that. In a study, it was found that beer, when taken in moderation, has amazing results over heart-related problems like Ischemia.

It not only lowers the risk of heart attacks but also avoids the chances of getting ischemic strokes. This type of stroke occurs when a clot blocks the transportation of blood and oxygen to the brain. Potent ingredients used in Beer like hops helps prevent such type of blood clotting. Folic acid is one such secret content present in beer which regulates homocysteine in the blood which probably is considered as a risk factor for heart diseases.

Final Words!

That was all about the health benefits of beer. While ending this article I would like to give my last suggestion.
Health benefits of beer strictly depend on the amount of its consumption. Heavy drinking can be disastrous and moderate can be beneficial at the same time.

Seek the advice of a physician to make a recommendation about beer consumption when under medical treatment. Understand the potential risks and benefits of beer carefully!

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